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5 Reasons to plan a Weekend Morning Trip to Nandi Hills

With winter setting in and the chill in the air defining your mood, the Bangalore weather calls of weekend escape. Of the many places, I have visited in Bangalore; Nandi Hills seems to be the perfect score. The place gives you the right ambiance to be close with nature and to rejuvenate for a fresh start of the week. Here are my 5 reason to plan a weekend morning trip to the Nandi Hills.

Nandi Hills1. Calm and Serene: This place has an aura of its own. It is far from the hum-drum and chaos of the city life. The only thing that you can here is the crescendos of the nature and morning calmness. A place perfect to regain the balance of life and powerful enough to take you a trance. It can only be felt, once you go there.

Nandi Hills2. Photography: The natural scenic beauty, the foggy surroundings and the backdrop of the Tipu Fall Point, all make the place a perfect calling for photographers both amateur and professional. Even the rich and diversified flora and fauna of this place provides many research and nature enthusiasts a perfect blend.

Nandi Hills3. History: The history of this place is linked to the Tipu Sultan and this place has a temple and the old fortress for the relic hunter to relish.

Nandi Hills


4. The Jungle Walks: The botanical garden and the secret walk-through jungle paths take you to just another world, a place perfect for the love birds to vanish away in the laps of the nature. The meandering paths take you through various places and you can get the real feel of the nature.

Nandi Hills5. The Wine: This is very rare know fact that the downhill villages cultivate grapes as the climate is perfect for this vegetation. You get grapes cheaper (almost one-fourth) than the city price. One of the famous by-products of grape cultivation is the local wine and you will love what this place has to offer.

Share what do you have as a part of the experience to the Nandi hills and we are eager to listen.